Contest America Publishers - Don't be deceived by these swindlers

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Obviously, Contest America Publishers, Inc. , Opportunities Unlimited Publications, Inc. and North American Award Center are operated by the same group of swindlers targeting gullible people mainly in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. They all use the same mail address: Post Office Box 219790 North Kansas City, MO 64121-9790 USA, with the same address of 1401 Armour Road, North Kansas City, Missouri 64116 USA.

Recently, as a qualified nominee, I have received "guaranteed prize payout" announcements from these organizations, and required to pay registration fees to finalize it.

Don't send any money to them!

David in Sydney, Australia



Yes, that's exactly the way I also got such a *** and immediately destroyed if I do not play, then I can not win!

This pack should be locked up, OK!

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